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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to defeat the Pharmaindustry

If you have understood that Professionals need customers, you could have added the clever question: What makes me to get a patient. Then you should ask yourself what does the word / code patient mean. Yes, you are right: Someone with much of patience is a well patient. Again the word patience reminds on solitaire.Yes, that is right as well: solitaire is a game with cards or let us say with emotions, your patience. You must have a lot of patience to play that stupid game solitaire, over and over. And that it is exactly how the Pharmaindustry and their distributors function. They need people who somehow own or inhabit patience so that basically everything can be done to them people. First of all, as a foundation, they need to believe into suffernis. That it is important: people who believe in suffernis (like their savior Jesus did suffer to get back to his Father) will not resist too much to accept a certain amount of suffernis; they will rather accept it. But they won`t be well patients if they accept the suffernis too much. Some natural resistance should still be available for them because they would otherwise not go to the White Gods and complaint: Doctor, I have pains. Can you help me about them. So the doctors will say some well words about Jesus Christ or the Pope like (Money is coming to you my Father in Heaven and Son on Earth) and then they will spend something which looks simulare to those things which they give you in the Churches