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Monday, November 10, 2014

Spells or "Buchstabieren"

Few days ago an African friend of mine told me how bored he felt in University, not learning anything about European History ... let us say not anything apart from Roman-Jewish-Christian Blabla as if our history had started in Jerusalem and not long before this Roman Plague came over us. It even seems as if the Romans got us clever and taught us to write. They did not, probably they learnt it from our ancestors ... I don`t know, but know that we wrote different, at least our Sha-wo-men(females and male). The Roman used to describe us as pretty bad people who usually sacrificed people and did other ugly things .... especially hunting them out of our regions. Well, I wouldn`t put my hand into fire to swear that our ancestors had been the most peaceful people ever but I would swear that they were not the stupiest ones. German people, so called by the Roman Plaque, still enjoy the well reputation to be under the most sophisticated people on Earth ( allthough the Plaque is trying its best to get us stupid) Basically I guess nearly the whole Industrialisation came out of the Roman Colonie which they baptized as Germany. Even the US did not want to miss the chance to pick up some of the scientest of that Germany. Unfortunately USers love to put their fingers into the badest shit all over the globe so things turnt out too much brown. USer note: Check the value of those things you wish to steal. If you also wonna steal people, please check their value either. We cannot guarantee everything with MADE in GERMANY as of real value. We need to shit too. We could not manage after WWII to overhand you all of our brown shit, so something you should have expected to remain in German; the Greeks found that out, unfortunately too late. That great and beautiful country did not know poverty at all after their recover from WWII and before they got sucked into the EU (soon after the war done to Jugoslawia) and the shameless Chemtrail-War. So I told my African friend: Boy, they did the same thing here like in Africa. They destroyed the tribes and their freedom. They brought us Jesus Christ instead: I explained that yesterday already, what that had meant. You can also ask the indigineous tribes of America, in fact any single indigineous tribe on the Globe, how they appreciated Jesus. These bloodshets were only toppled by Dschingis Khan and lateron in the Revolutions and war of the 20th century: from the Monarchies to the Nations to Continental Allies to the NEW WORLD ORDER. But prior to this plaque there had been something different and most of the people do not even know about that consciously; they might feel it in their blood heritage but knowing?Compared with European tribes the First Nations in America might know more about their real history than we. We got time-travelled in so called history lessons from the ICE-AGE direct into the arms of the Vaticanos. You were even lucky if they told you something about the iceage because it contradicts their timetable of 6000 years when their Lord Gods (Genesis 2) suddenly created the Earth and substituted the real Creator (Genesis 1) who seems to have gone lost with the most of the Mammuts, may be s-he is hiding in Sibiria. However and you might stumble here a bit around about that timetable, we don`t even know that much about the shorter timeframe before the Roman plaque got over us in Europe. Meanwhile the speculations are hanging between a highly sophisticated society (Atlantis) as well as the societies of Cavemen who should not have been able to know if they ate 1 or 2 Mammuts. Ordinairy Germans usually do not know anything about their Gods and Myths before getting christianized but they know that they were a wild bunch of human sacrificing people before they got civilized by the Roman Plaque. Noop, these dark ages of European Wilderness Tribes are simply not taught in public schools. First we had no such schools offered by the Roman Plaque for simple folks. Yes folks, it is just since some 250 years that we all must attend public educations, before this was not ordinairy but preserved for the Churches and Aristocrats. Now we even get helped by the police to get these educations. Times are changing fast. Meanwhile in Germany, once known as the country of the great thinker, we would be happy if every German could even write and read the current Alphabet of the Roman Plaque. We have an estimated 7,5 Million out of our 80 Million people who cannot write, at least not well. Let us say about 10% (if we add the hidden shame) got dumped down. That it is not a small number, is it? Properly taught any Alphabet can be recognized and then used within weeks. In contrary our little ones had been sitting long years in schools and got confused with all kind of teaching trials as if it had to be put into trial and error mode about the question how to teach an alphabet. The results had not been an accident but was deliberately done to the youth by certain subjects which we used to call they. That process is still ongoing just like in America. So if people do not even know how to use the the Roman Alphabet after their long time plague on us, how can we expect that people would in generally know anything about a time before that Roman Culture. They wiped our culture and cultural techniques properly out of our consciousness by the process of Inquisition: You shall know what we tell you to know or you are an Herätik if not a witch, let us say somebody (men, women and children) to be used to get tortured especially if that somebody is scared as someone who could oppose the Plaque. So you see, everything go(od) came from the Pharaohs, without them, we would still not know how to write Mammut and how to count if it were 1 or 2 of them. So how can we expect that people would know anything about RUNEN, that we had had our own spells made from BUCHSTABEN and where not all the time busy with human sacrifice? We had and they were called RUNEs. They had different functions: the obvious ones: used as signs, go here or there or I love you, written into the trees of our forests. See here. The trees are called die Buchen and even the Wikipedia-know-it-all-Professors are denying it: Of course we used our trees and not the Trees from Egypt to write and to make Staben. With them we could do many things: we could use them as a stick, meaning as a weapon or something to direct the FEHU-s (in english terms the cattles or other animals), we could make weapons from them like spears and others and we could make signs with them. We created Pens and developed the technique, see here Bleistifte (use for the mine graphit and clay and water. But in ancient times we did things of course more handy. You can use the stick to make signs into sand/Earth or to make signs into a tree, even if you have not yet a tip of metal you can use a sharpened tip of the wooden stick and take natural colours from Earth. The use of signs or symbols are obviously: we make them every day with our body, with our face, with our fingers and more sophisticated like Charly Chaplin. We call that body-language and it functions globally with every human being and even with much of the animals. But in order to time and regional travel we need other methods than our body language and so it was at hand to use smoke signs and other ideas like that; and finally symbols came into fashion. To let a sign for others in a cave we must not always paint like Leonardo Da vinci but just paint some sticks on the wall: >Hey man, fresh meat near by. So, Symbolism was part of our lives since the beginnings. Today we call them Icons. Do you really wonder that the Elites are so badly in Symbolism? They can reach us in that way, we inherited the symbols all the way back to the beginnings. One purpose was not discussed yet: Magick. Spellings create reality. Runes were used in that way as well. So, I hope I could interest you to do some research on tribal lifestyles long before the NEW WORLD ORDER of the Vaticanos claimed to be our owners. They did it then, they tr to do it again. As more important that you find back to your roots. On the right hand you find certain links about Runes,their use and Northern Mythology.