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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Voodoo runs this Earth

Look into the Bible and you see that it reports the Voodoo Means of sacrificing Living Beings; humans or animals. This is nothing what a normal human would follow, note: a normal human. Which mother or father would sacrifice his first born ... if not forced. You people better start to seriously overthink your means whith Religions; especially you people in the US-Canada. With your religious obsessions of all kind and in all kind of sects, especially the so called Christian sects, no matter which one (Catholic, Evangelic and more).. and islamic and jewish obsessions: get the hell out of that shit, you are worshipping human and animal sacrifice, you are supporting Human and Animal Sacrifice Means/Spells to the GOD-S, fucked up people (possessed with Demons), who onced brought humanity under Slavery: they did not do that with fine words but with horrific terror: falling over this and then that place, picking several children out to get them openly raped, tortured and murdered ... that it is Human Sacrifice; the basic of all Voodoo. Blood shocking methods, which traumatize and hypnotize people. Human and Animal Sacrifice has the purpose to get the rest of people and animals into surrender to these psychopathic acting "Leaders" and their Priests (Voodoo Masters: Magicians) who basically cry for power and cruelty and of course on our work for them. There is nothing more to understand: With Human and Animal Sacrifice they brought us down back in time and they continued that way till today; again and again. Judaism-Christianity and Islam in the North-West ... Hierarchical Hinduism and Buddhism in the East are only Systems which perfected Voodoo of cruel people (to be distinguished from herbal female and male bushdoctors) They got highly sophisticated with their Voodoo or Magick and the holy scriptures are used as their manual so that we might not check it but get confused about the holy father to suck our childrens genitals, they even call that shit "holy". Nothing holy about it but cruelty. Human and Animal Sacrifice is to show the rest of people examples what will happen to them, if they do not surrender to them self-choosen Gods: The Pope and his Aristocrats and Bankers. The show goes still on: hypnosis with sexual assault, torture of the soul, rape and torture and finally murder of the body, that is the sacrifice... the "little one" with either children, boys or women and then the big one follows, Wars: to be killed: millions of men and of course also their wives and children. Just imagine what happens to a parent who had lost their first born: they will never get normal again even if they have more children. Imagine what happens to somebody who is living with a dog or cat: those people get sick as well if somebody attacks their pets ...That it is happening right now all over: they are sacrificing children all over and they have started to attack plenty pets all over. They wonna break our hearts. Many people, due to the family destruction over the last centuries, have no one left than a dog or cat .. emphasize this kind of threat to them: they are mentally broken after such threat. Socialworkers and such folks: you have to stop your support for child stealings ... Animal Doctors: you have to stop your support for often enforced Euthanasia of pets. I promise you: you will be judged, sooner or later but you will. I do not know if by God but by humans, that is sure. These things started gradually deceiving ...but only functioned because of ignorance and corruption or infection. Noop; Christian, don`t spread further bullshit, that nearly every man had wanted sex with his own mother: that is the pedophile doctrine of Mister Freud through his Oedipus-Bullshit-Story but not the truth which had been incestious rape of children especially among families of higher statue. Freud knew that pretty well. He first even wanted to publish the cause of female hysterica as a result of rape but got some visitors who told him: take your cocaine and create a different story or your carrier (and life?) is over. Check it out for yourself. We are talking about perverted humans and us to be sucked into it. It is time that all these holy folks and their believers and followers get to answer some questions and to get forced to overtake the responsibilities behind their own bars. These fucking priesthoods are weakett cruel criminals .. why do you and you and you follow them? You are showing with long fingers on African Voodoo Masters, who do not go for such much of hidings about human sacrifice like the Vaticanos but worship them Roman Priests, so to speak the Kings of the Voodoo Masters? What it is wrong with you people? Can`t you pray at home, going within yourself? Can`t you listen to your heart and inner voice? The Vaticanos are the owners, so they think, of Earth .. and watch its condition. These Voodoomasters are the representatives of God? What can bring you on such stupidity to believe into such bullshit. Our ancestors were brought into that with the most horrific cruelty and surprizing attacks of cruel criminal mercenaries (called knights), but meanwhile we had time to check out what really happened and use our brains. Why, you might ask, why do I sometimes show things out of the Bible. Answer: no one can master the whole Globe without respecting the reality, how things really function. There is a lot of truth (and methods) in the Bible and if you would read it you would know that and you would also know how much cruelty is therein reported ... not critizised but reported, to be used by those who can understand through their (initiated serial raper and killer instructions)or those who can understand through their intelligence, counting one and one together, connecting the dots and letting their hearts speaking. To own a bible was even once forbiddden for normal folks till they found out how ignorant humans meanwhile got. Anyway they had distorted the writings that deeply, that normal readers could not make real sense out of it those days. But meanwhile the Vaticanos understood that ordinairy people would not have time to study this book with critical thoughts and often would not have the capacities of critical thoughts either nor would they have any longer proper functioning hearts: they would listen to the priests and receive their daily mental torture to be sinners. How often might they have felt even like sinners because they could not defend their children against the Cannibals? They might have felt this through the genetic rememberings because they did not experience it themselves but former generations. People with Jesus Halluzinations or Jesus Complex don`t even get a clear vision that they are worshipping a human blood sacrice ... they don t get the play with the words: Jesus is used as a shareholder or example (instead of somebody) for later to be used humans for human sacrifice. You and you or your children will be next. That it is what they are up to. They enjoy the pains we or our animals suffer. They wonna openly feel "respected" like Kings who get feared. Now we are too much for them. They could not do that openly, therefore they need depopulation. It would not be the first one. Reality is showing up more and more. If their reality wins they will just sacrifice openly and enjoy your fears or ... you stand up and do something to end such shit. Truth is: not all people are that normal (good) some are pretty bad (fucked up). They must not be black but can be black like they can be white, yellow and red people. Good people by the way are never racists and the badest aren`t either: only weakett and stupid people are, so that they must not stand for anything. The "holy" deceived people in the US are soon before facing a race war, initiated with guess what: human sacrifice combined with dialectic: kill a black man and blame it on the "white man", then let the Black Panther and other Free Mason lodges like the Nation of Islam play the show and soon the Murderrate on white people will increase. By the way this does not function the other way round because most white people do not (yet) believe in revange, that it is Judaism; the domain of African people, no matter if black or arabic-white. But resentiments might grow, at least white people will start to feel like the red men felt before, probably, and then the race war is there. Phantastic: but not for normal humans than only these psychopathic Elites. But, we are not all that stupid, we have in all races of humans beautiful and intelligent souls and they might be strong enough to stop that bullshit. Please note: I am dealing in this post with black american racists not because I think they are more bad people than white people. Sorry folks, not here, if you are thinking such nonsense. Think on the human sacrifices mostly white people were doing with black people in Lybia. The total horror had happened there, openly by the way ... just as described here. The alliance of the willing psychopaths out of 40 highly weaponed countries had been bombing their way to Lybia and there they raped, tortured, burnt and beheadet people as human sacrifice as examples what would happen to the others in case ...they even cut out their hearts. You might not have followed these things, I did and will not forget it. Never. I am dealing here with black american racism because they are trying to trigger a race war in America by using the Genocide on the red race which was performed by white and black Elites and their mercenaries or slaves into a new genocie ... performed through the black race on the white race in which black and white people shall kill each other out of the planet. They are that sinister meanwhile that they are using their former voodoo-massmurder performances again ... and again.