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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Professor Veith

Filter the informations you need. Professor Veith -not me- represents another Religion, okay? Looks pretty pharaonic as well ... who knows. We have to learn to filter informations and not to fix ourselves on them. Shouldn`t you wonder about all the Hokuspokus surrounding the Word of God as if that God was always drunk and never knew what to tell the people? At least the Hokuspokus surrounding the question who holds the real words of "him" makes you busy, if you want all your life, not to look within yourself: Someone else will rule you. Lately someone commented a post in Facebook with the words: The Bible says... great, isn`t it? I tried to remind that person that the Bible cannot talk; just a peace of paper with some Octupus on it ....Many African Voodoo Masters use the ink they won from Octupus to write their spells on stuff ...At the beginning was the word ... You have to understand that words are changing your perception to see the world. You are an human being and that means you cannot escape words but if you are unaware that words are programming our minds, you have no chance to distance yourself from them; you have no chance to differentiate between lies and truth ... you get a helpless "believer". They developed meanwhile NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming ... in fact that was already developed, the Bibles ( alike which of the Scriptures) were based on that knowledge that At the beginning (of what?) was the word. You can defend yourself against the use of word in order to get you doing what others want you to do (Sciptures/NLP) through the questions: Who says/does/leaves/intents what with who where and when towards who and why. I have learned to deal with Words with other words to distance myself from them ... I am not looking for a savior nor dictator and that is the very basic to be able to deal with words, to be able to filter them. That said and allthough I am against any kind of religion; I appreciate Prof. Walter Veiths historical informations which I can use for further researches even if I can see that he is convinced of the "coming" savior for who you shall first die ....You must not die to any man`s ideas when this should be; in fact we need no death cults at all but vivid ideas to be on Earth so that we can appreciate her ways to provide us with beauty and healthy things. Look at this; isn`it interesting how words can hit your Genes in the brain just like an Octupus?