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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Aristocrats and their Mercenaries

How many years now are the Chemtrails to be seen in our heavens and suffered in our bodies? And people are reacting on this as if it does not even happen, at least a lot of people are behaving that sheeplelike while others are hacking their fingers wound to bring about awareness. Meanwhile at least some of the sleeping (or worse complying US folks) are waking up at least to the Policestate which is killing openly men and dogs and are facing their sick habits as organized highly weaponed killers. The religious brainwashed people are still blaming God or Allah for this Armageddon so that they do not need to think nor to act on the facts that not God but fucked off humans are operating that Armageddon through human compliance all along down the Triangle of the Archontic Hierarchy. Others are warning: you see, don`t demonstrate because you will be beaten or worse. Folks let me tell you something: We are dealing with Massmurderers who have no problem to kill billions of humans and even more animals and plants. Do you really think ... again think ... that these insane people will respond to lawful resistance alone? Even if the laws are already that tiny that you cannot resist with them horrific taxes and "lawful vaccines" which will sicken, stupify and probably even kill your children. No; I did not say that you shall not examine the still living rights in the legal system, I said we must think and behave properly: there are many ways which lead to Rome and that means that we need to choose all effective methods to bring Babylon down. The main word is "effective". Of course there must be demonstrations because they are motivating people not to stand alone, they are also informing and generating energy. Of course there must also be legal resistance. There must be all sorts of information work. And there must be clever thoughts how to deal with violent and highly weaponized murderers as it makes no sense to rush like stupid sheeples into their hand to get beaten or worse. Many are still dreaming that love can stop these Murderers ... wake up and grow. Love yourself and your brothers and sisters but not murderers who are ready to kill you and your brothers and sisters. Can you please make that difference. Does it make sense that while we sit and send the Aristocrats, their Pedophilia Priests and raping and torturing and killing mercenaries LOVE those guys are showing their immunity against our LOVE-Spells? They are running a Billion-Murder-Agenda on all levels. So the most hardes and effective methods is of course sabotage with other words: non-compliance in which ever way we can reduce and in best case eliminate compliance. I said that here already: isolate familymembers who you know in compliance with the most strongest killers. They are no more your familymembers if they agree to kill you and your loved ones. A Chemtrail Pilote is a Killer, just get it. They are not spraying us with Deo Spray that we might smell better. A police Officer is a member of the Killer Group and so are most of these black uniformed Police Officers and so are most Soldiers. And so fort, you know which professionals are involved in the Massmurder Crime. Isolate them, separate from them. There are of course big wolves and small wolves and probably you are one of the small wolves yourselves because the whole threat is organized that each and everyone shall have its fingerprints in it. Reduce what ever you can: less poison in the vaccines if you are a nurse or doctor ... less poison in the foods and so fort... Of course avoid also to inhale, drink and eat as much as poison. But finally we have to eliminate the Head of the Viruse. You and me know that. One way to do so is the way through psychic warfare: fog them with your thoughts that they get confused. Try all kind of psychic skills. And then there might be left the job for the Ninjas, well trained people and probably soe of us Elders who are ready to sacrifice ourselves. We have to organize Guerilla Warfar on all levels. Allthough Benjamin Fulford sometimes talks bullshit, the way he was showing is quiet correct: we have to take them out, one by one ... better than to let them take us out, Billion b Billion. People can talk as long until they are dead and as said already: Benjamin sometimes is talking things which we cannot really follow up, but a lot of the things he was announcing were coming through. Meanwhile we are facing a line of dead bankers ... one by one. Of course we do not know who is behind that. The Enemy might be behind these things as well. But folks: These bankers to safe their lifes have a well choice: leave your murdereous jobs. Thieving and starving masses of people is not a fine but horrible job. By the way: this blog is asking your ability to think for your own. I have no time to filter all possible mistakes of people and what they are talking or claiming to be or to do. But the Sun remains shining even if the Devil claims that the Sun is shining. The point which I am making here is how to organize the overthrow of Babylon. And no one showed that better yet than Fulford did. Of course things won`t happen in consumer ways: you have to play your part in it and stop to think that anyone will be your savior. This blog is also not excluding the Creator: s-he is dwelling in you and me and also the dogs and so fort. Talk to that source but please do not mix that up with organized mindcontrol through pretty murdereous Religious Clans.