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Monday, December 8, 2014

Are we getting it clear into our minds?

These days we are facing somehow an awakening to the Jewish Question ... Do we? Let me try to get things detwisted, so to speak. Yesterday the Army of Israel bombed Damaskus ... so the minds might go to the "fucking Jewish people" ... and from there the minds might go to where? Exactly to that question: Had the Nazis been right after all? Can you see how the Game is running in our brains: their must be a winner, a God and an Evil. How many times were humans trained in Olympics and Football? One of the Gladiators will win ... On who are you gambling? But the Gladiators are Slaves; people who were forced through the path of terror and torture just like fighting dogs who usually would never fight each other. They were told either to fight or to get tortured and finally killed from another Gladiator, who will do everything to defend the rest of his life, even if it is an enslaved life. He might hope for a release but out of that slavery but right in front of him he is facing another Gladiator: Only if he kills him a "later" can be. That`s what the 2 of them Gladiators are thinking otherwise they would just sit in the Arena and talking to each other: How are you? Are you well brother? They have owners, these 2 Gladiators ... and these owners are playing the Games with them as pitbulls. Of course this Magick can be twisted even further: let us put in another Gladiator and another one. Let us make them choose allies, so may be 3 of them kill the 4th of them or 2 against 2 of them. But yet ... they are owned. By who? That is the question. A simple Jew is not your owner. A simple Catholic is not your owner. A simple Muslim is not your owner. A simple Hindu is not your owner. A simple Buddhist is not your owner and you can add here any other religious person; someone who might just have been registered through the birthcertification process in that religion ...may be s-he even believes in it ..a bit or ...and here things function probably: may be he believes that God needs Armageddon to happen. May be he believes God needs women to be first raped and then killed because she had no stuff on her head what made her to be raped and for what she should be killed after she was raped. May be he believes that babyboys should be vampired just after birth through a bloody blow-job. Or may be he believes that all religious people should be wiped out because they were evil doers ... May be he believes that a rich man should be wiped out because only poor people are good people... This is how things get chained and can get chained as long as you and me accept these Games. As long as we cannot see in a human a human but "believe" stories why someone should be wiped out. Soon people will ask for an answer on Israel ... I hope that not and I still hope that Russia will not answer nor China nor Iran but only people on the roads and those in or by Damaskus who of course must defend themselves as best as possible. I still hope that among the Pharaohs could be a split but I do not rely on it. People, just the normal people must wake up and stop to be played by their Games.