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Sunday, December 7, 2014


We all know, do we not?, that Eric Garner was killed by the Murderers in the US who call themselves Police. This had been the drop too much so that people went outdoors protesting that terror, which is embraced on them all over the country with clearly dehumanized "officers". I wonder if those beings can even get called humans or if they are from the Lizzard-Branch; who knows. I hope that the people will be wise enough not to allow any devisions between them concerning races and religion. As far as I can see this is even the case; the protests are not filled with black people alone but mixed. It does not matter .. sorry it sounds horrible ... if only black people are getting ripped off: you white, red and yellow brother and sister have to stand for them because you are their brothers and sisters. I am gooing to digg that into your brains until any other ideologies are gone. That of course counts in any direction; no matter if black, white, red or yellow: show them Bastards who we are. Here we see Japanese people taking a stand for Eric Garner
A 7 year old girl got shot dead while she slept by a such Bastard as well and he got away with it .... things must end; we are not going to allow that. This is not a case for the US alone; all over they have placed such Bastards which they are "training" to attack humans and dogs. They actually want to break our spirits. And they do that with the lowest among us no matter which race, probably they are even from the Lizzard Branch. We all know what had happened to the spirit of the black and red races as a people. We know that plenty Indians got drinkers; we know that plenty Aboriginals went down that road. And we know that black people cannot find themselves together but are confused since they went through the slavery pathway. We all also know how the white folks got, somehow artificial robotic ignorant and also confused to the core. The following video is showing how things were done in the past. And even if I am taking here an example from the black race ... this happened in all races. It could be that the black race is even deeper traumatizised as they had had that concept of being brothers and sisters what they are still trying to keep alive .. always breaking down as if the familytree got broken. The lowest among us are those who they get to do the Bastardworks against us. We have to get aware of that. Things are even repeating themselves likewise these days in the US. Brainwashed as people had been they thought their soldiers were their soldiers and did an oath for them: they did an oath but not for them. Many will be traumatized in the US when they have to realize that they are among each of our races. Folks the Police in the US had never been that "normal" like humans would be considered to be; but among all the performed devisions in the US throughout your history try you are facing now not only the truth but also your biggest challenges: you have to overcome the resentiments towards each other and by the same time you must learn to judge people for their deeds and not for their skin. Okay? Yes, of course they were flooding the US with people from everywhere ... of course: your parents came into that Region like the Mexicans. Stop to judge that; stop to defend yourself against humans like you are. They are doing the same thing in Europe, we get mixed like a fruit shake but ... it is the best chance we ever got. They think that they can devide and conquer us again. Let us show them what we can do. We will stand together as one brother and sister hood and we will treat the weakettness within our folks, whatever it will cost us. We will find the causes and we will act approbriate, won`t we?