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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Please Consider

If you have a viruse on your computer you can drive as much as loving software you want, their means will get destroyed: some soon, others later when the system is totally filled with viruses. Why should that be different within people? Why should that be different within societies? It is now the time that we have to deal with that Viruse Group among us so that they cannot do harm anylonger. These groups of Maniacs deliberatly poison our skies and water, they deliberately poison Mothers seeds and soil ...simply everything, which provides wellbeing lives on Earth for mankind as well as for the Animal Kingdom and the Plants. Things are now well known. The Internet is filled with all these horrific threats and every day it will take us more and more ignorance to "coop" as if these things would not exist. Most people are still acting like alcoholics and their co depending relatives; they refuse to admit that something is that deeply wrong that they must not claim change but do serious changes. What have you been changing meanwhile? It makes no sense when you are consuming like foolish the bad news but continue to feed your children with poisoned food, does it? Which kind of excuses are you using for that? That it is only one of the examples. Does it make sense when you go on and on and on to think the same shit: I cannot change anything. This I guess is the biggest Viruse mankind swallowed. It is the one I meet again and again whenever talking to people. They are deeply "convinced" that they cannot do anything for the better. But many of them also do not even challenge that belief. They of course know that they should not continue to comply with a poisoning system but ... and then they think on the money this poisoning system spends on them and if it is just socialsupport or less. They still continue to hope for any kind of leader ... a religious messiah who might free them or another maniac leader who is willing to tell them the lies they love to hear: I am the Aristoc and you are the rat, just follow me and things will be well. The Brothers Grimms were said to have been Freemasons and as we have learnt already: they used to tell us what they will do to us.