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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Racecard

My dear non-whiteskinned brothers and sisters. As you might have noticed almost only white folks are working around the clock to get the powers that be out of the way. Did you notice? Or have you been busy with playing the race card? If so, it is even worse, because you do not even use the word racism correctly. If someone cannot consider another human as member of mankind but as subhuman because of the colour of his skin, that it is racism. It does not matter which colour of skin, it remains racism, if someone sees another wo-man as a subhuman. Obama was used to trigger black racism, which was carefully seeded and played out again and again and again by the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam and others. I don`t see red people allthough they got nearly exterminated nor the Australien Natives playing this kind of racism but shamefully my black American brothers and sisters. All my black prophets, who I, the white sister choosed as my personal spiritual leaders more than 30 years ago, got not killed by a white man or woman but black guys who had been working for the brother and sisterhood of the snakes (Reptilians). Furtheron: unfortunately nowhere I got to face more racism than among black people. Lucky Dube got killed for a car, so it was said, in 2007. Anykind of bullshit gets blamed on the white man, constantly and like a mantra, by black folks, who are working for the brother-and sisterhood of the snake. Do you really wonder that the powers that be choosed a black man as president to fullfill the massdestruction they, who are neither black nor white nor red nor yellow but international and possessed, are up to? You, as the black race are the weakest at these days; of course not all but much too many. They would trigger that weakettness, your racism, to devide mankind. Think about it. Under Obama and under your black people support of him things are running down while we need you so urgently at our side to fight that battle to make mankind free. You people have preserved your communities, at least your meetings; for you it is not a problem to gather much of people together for a meeting. Why is it that you do not call your white brothers and sisters, your red brothers and sisters to your meetings and welcome them as what they are. Would it break a piece out of the crown of your selfishness if you call those white folks who had been doing sometimes even lifelong engagements to free mankind to give a lection to you? You prefer to get lections by a black man even if he copied all of his teachings from either white or yellow people (compare Phil Valentine). Would it not be a real step towards freedom, just that little step. How many white folks stood up when Eric Garner was killed by a clan of police officers but we did not see any of you feeling sorry for the white folks who got killed by these Masters of madness who are acting under "your" president. I thank this brother here talking the same cleverness. Black people and you deceived white "lefties listen to this guy, he is right. Is it no racism by the way to just be with black folks because they are black and not because they are acting as loveable men and women? This and this alone makes a man or a woman, their deeds. Why don`t you do anything when a white or red or yellow homeless wo-man gets killed like a dog from your black man president? Yes of course you shall stand up with the black folks if any black wo-man gets troubled by these murderers who call themselves police but not because he is a black wo-man but a wo-man, a human being, no matter which colour of skin. Don`t you get that? They gave you that slogan: Black Life matters ... and you followed bravely, shouting racists propaganda so as if only black and not all people`s life matter.