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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Call on all All Men / Ruf an alle Allemannen

This blog is used to reach out to the English speaking people but especially Americans. This is so because not that much of Germans speak English well enough to reach out to the West and to build a bridge. Likewise some pretty engaged Russians who are living in Germany are doing well work to reach out to us Germans and the Russians to build that bridge to the East either. Because of them, so I guess, I have lost all my Russian visitors from my former blogs, who happened to be as plenty as USers. So, let me stay with my USers and "channel" the ongoing inner connection between the Russians and Prussians (Germans) to them. Of course I also suffer a lack in German Visitors. May be because my heart got internationalized before anyone even took the Globilisation serious. I am not a Globalist, in fact I am more a human feather which is searching for the lost paradize of healthy tribes. My mother was born in Eastprussia (Königsberg/today Kaliningrad) and got one of the many unspoken victims who had to pack up with her family and their horse because the Russians faught back. Of course they did ... my mother could not gain my understanding for her suffernis when I grew up because I was also mourning for the Russian people. I could not see anyone in this bullshit being "rightful" but especially not the Germans. What were they looking for in Russia? I never got an answer on that unspoken question. I guess my mother did not know any. I guess the Russian people also did not know any answer. These things did not come from the ordinairy folks. They did not suffer a lack of space, neither here nor there. They were simple farmers, the Prussians like the Russians. And they had had no Internet to be able to hear anything different than Propaganda. These days we get called Putin-Versteher, those Germans from us, who understand pretty well, that dark forces try to mix us all again into a new Worldwar. There are much more Putin-Versteher-Voices in Germany than the Germany Propaganda can overtune. Those Germans who are not totally asleep (either because they are Infertile Clones, who had never got any interest than to go for shopping to buy the latest plastique bullshit or because they are too much poisoned due to Chemtrails and other forms of poisoning) know what it is going on and they understand Putin, indeed their Russian Brothers and Sisters (for who Putin has to stand) and that we do not have to look for anything in their regions unless for friendship. So now aside from being Conspiracy Theorists we also get now labelled to be Putin-Versteher (Those who understand Putin), who we should see as our enemy. I was pretty angry on Putin the time when the dark forces attacked Libya and performed a huge genocide overthere. Putin did  not interfere than only by asking:. In my eyes he should have backed Gathafi and not singing that Gathafi was not the best guy but ..... Gathafi had been by far the best leader a folk ever faced and I do know that Putin knew that well. Of course he knew that they would come after him either. In the case of Syria things changed and the Russians did this and that to help the Syrians against those rats who they now call ISIS. But who am I to judge what was approbriate to say those days not to provoke WWIII? These rats have been led now to the Ukraine where they are spreading the black Nazi plaque further. We all have to understand Putin: we have to stop the black plaque which is performed through the US/UK/BRD and France and Saudi Arabia. We have to understand or we will have to suffer death or what my mother had to go through in case of our survival. Chronicle afterwar destructions of the soul.
What is this understanding about? Well: this is now my talk to the USers. It is not a way of business to go like in the Middle Ages after other folks and to kill them to get their ressources. In nearly all of the American Talks, no matter if within Mainstream Media or Alternative Media I find that underlying ideology that it is okay to go for war and that it is only a question of the costs, like an investment model. Please folks from the US: check that out for yourself. Try to find US-people who really oppose wars and not only because of such judgements that they are at the moment too costy or too risky because the "Enemy" is too strong. Again and again we get to see glorifications of the Veterans as if they were not Veterans of Massmurder. Not any human honour is in this but the opposite. More special these things get when your people are hiding themselves behind the Bible or Christianity. Does this Religion lead you to get Massmurders all over the Globe including now in the region which your European ancestors theft by the very same concept of an created Enemy to get his ressources from the Natives, that region which you call your home? I understand very well that many of you of course feel that gap: how to stand for ones ancestors but also to stand for what is right when the ancestors did not do things right? Well, they were deceived; yet you can love them because nobody is perfect. But it is your duty to learn from their mistakes and not to repeat them again and again and again until all humanity is killed off.