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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Silent Suicide of the Japanese: Infertility

This announcement that the Japanese are dying only the pic of the iceberg. Probably things are different. Probably the Dead Man walking folks are finally leaving the bodies. You see; we are facing these days lots of people dying, people from all so called nationalities, do we not? But what is death? We are made to believe that we are our bodies. But at the end of so called life the mysterious thing happens, that our body do not move any longer. That it is, what we then call death. And we say usually pretty unconsciously: Person X is dead. And that is true because the Person otherwise called the legal name is done likewise with that body which does not move any longer. Body cannot move body. Person (legal name) cannot move body either. So what could move that body? Where is the driver of that body? At least s-he is not in that dead body any longer. Do not expect me to tell you where the driver of that body had been going; I will not channel this to you or sell you any concept as being true. My truth is: I do not really know .. in that sense clever "academics" used to explain things. I passed University and tell you: they know nothing of value. But there is another kind of knowledge and I cannot tell you even any location for "it", like in my heart or within . Sometimes, to be honest, these days pretty often, this "it" is quiet elsewhere, not in this so called reality, what I used to call the plastique-reality. I cannot listen to the birds, they are gone. I cannot listen to the fishes in the lakes nor rivers: they are also gone. I cannot even listen to human children: they are kept in prisons which they call schools or kindergardens. I cannot even watch beautiful buildings, they are gone as well. Am I depressed? Yes, if you want to call it that way. I call it sadness because I did not come on this Earth to live in the plastique matrix, where so called human beings are torturing, raping and killing the whole day or are sitting on chairs where they do senseless stupid things like not even the aunts would have created things. I am still young: my body is pretty much in order and I could enjoy the oceans or any other natural beingness. But where? Something had altered Mother Earth from the blue and pretty attractive planet into a grew stone. I wonder why the old lady even keeps moving, just like myself: for what? We had so beautiful animals and trees and plants all over and it was not GOD enough to be enjoyed as it was created. The human clone is crying like a stupid Barbie Puppet: EEEEEW there are worms on the ground. Let me spray them with chemicals to death!!!! I do not know who are these beings? Clones, infertile clones like it is now reported from Japan? Nobody needs to watch down on Japan, it is all over going on like that, not only in Japan. In earlier days I had  never even had problems to be together with my soul, we were always together on Earth. Now the IS+IS, as my beloved Peter Tosh used to say it, does not know where to go on this huge cementary place, where the Human Clones hate the flowers. Really I am not sad if the spiritual and whatsoever Infertiles leave Earth, these robotic beings who had attacked everything, what had been of such wonderful beauty. These shopping consumer monsters who feel satisfied eating nuclear McPlastiques. Shall I give a workshop out of this knowledge until the Infertiles are probably getting that we are living in a huge living being called Earth and not in a fucking Computer and TV Room? Dead bodies cannot understand this, no matter how much "workshops" they would get. We were never created to be in workshops other than in the dschungels called wilderness. Till we got somehow put into so called Inquisition when they killed as many of or ancestors as they possibly could manage. Afterwards they put the survivors in "workshops", which they called Churches or Mosques, does not matter: the concepts had been the same: they got our ancestors raped and tortured until they would agree to believe into an external GOD-ALLAH and would bow down to the Judges and Officers and these stupid looking entities, these so called Royals. Probably their time is really over. They have got that insane and infertile that their only wish remains to blow up Earth and any living thing on and in her. Their plenty of clones which they spread all over the Globe through their prima noctis war-rapes and through incest are dying already. But yet they are grabbing for organs not only in the Ukraine. They can`t stay long without wars where they rape our children, suck their blood and butcher their organs. How, just think of that, can anybody normal, even think about a nuclear war as a possibility? How could a bunch of so called scientests do nothing different than to create weapons of massdestructions? During the last days I tried to check the Legal System which currently might be the valid one for Germany. Some think that old Germany called Deutsche Reich (not the Third Reich but the former legal entity) still exists. How shall that be true? It is true:legally true. But how can living people think that legal entities are societies: they are not. They are just legal names, parts of the Matrix, Computer Games. Concepts for people who are no longer real living beings but legal names. As the legal situation for Germany is special because Germany is still "thought" to be the big war enemy, some German people are thinking they should go back to the point before WWII and the Third Reich with other words to Deutsche Reich. After WWII they (UK, US, France and Russia) created the new legal entities, then called West-Germany (BRD), Eastgermany (DDR) and Northpoland ( for ex Eastprussia). Kaliningrad (Ex Königsberg) was left with Russia. Then again in 1990 the so called 4 Victor Countries created the United West-and Eastgermany under the legal name BRD. Eastprussia and Kaliningrad were left behind with Poland and Russia. So I were checking and checking and checking and checking all the legal thoughts until I got fat up: Bullshit! It is all bullshit. Yes Germany like all other countries is no more country but a shopping centre with registration in the US/Washington. GmbH means Company and that company BRD is as bancrott like the US. Of course the concerns about too much stuff brought into the occupied region from abroad can get well used to devide and conquer the sheeples into brown sheeples (right) and red sheeples (left)so that nobody ever must forget how dangerous these Germans are, not only sickened since they lost their heroic fight against the Romans, some many centuries ago, and got engaged in the Holy-Roman-Empire. What a fucking shit. They gave us here then every kind of torture and rape, especially did they love to burn our shamanic women out of the space and to kill much of the rest of survivors with the black plague. Really all that shit happened to our German ancestors. They got krippled as hell. But without them the then emerging International Serpent Agenda would have been long time finished already the human race in total; I think so: It is for a reason that these Serpants are afraid we Middle and Northern Allemans (all men tribes) and the western tribe in the UK and Ireland remember our free bloodlines from those heroic ancestors. Hope so!!!! But we are writing 2015 and things look not yet so. The German Clones with their legal names could get us even deeper into the black mess of death entities, no matter where they really come from, migrated or german cloned. Germany is now the multicultural shopping centre with financial Rothchild Base in Frankfurt, Military Base of the High Priests of the US in Stuttgart and the Polit-Artists from one of the Holy Wood departments which is based in Berlin. They still call themselves Government. In elections they always loose: people do not vote, the big majority. It does not matter anyhow because the Polit-Artists get their engagements elsewhere but not from the German people nor the German Migrants. We are all stuff and stuff does not need to vote. To look into the legal desaster behind all that shit is not really exiting, with other words: I guess not even the Serpants get through their system of justice any longer. So we have now, to make up a bit of a summary: the legal, still existing country with the name Deutsche Reich, which can be used as enemy for the whole world. Then again we have the BRD which can be used as Ally of NATO and as Shopping Centre for all kind of bullshit, especially for the torturing of the rest of European countries into deeper and deeper debts. Merkel also is somehow used as Queen of Europe because the other German Queen dwells in the UK and does not trust herself to Germany for unknown reasons. After checking all these legal things I find out: I want that the whole legal system crashes; the Matrix for dead bodies without souls, at least pretty depresssed souls. I want the wilderness back, the real living beings which were living in tribes like the trees which was so in the whole Europe and all over the Globe before we got dis-eased by these Royal-Entities, their mercenaries, their priests (voodoo masters) and buerocrats. I want the trees and the forests and the flowers and the wolves and all these beauty living beings and the sun burning the shit out of me until the rain washes the rest of shit out of mine and the snow gives me some impressions again that the sun would be nice to be seen again. But yet some German People are really teaching all sorts of ideas, which earlier constitution would be valid and if we as a Nation are sovereign and so fort? As if lives had ever been better for our German Ancestors in Slavery of any the pharaonic systems in any other former so called legal system. I finally really got "mad" to follow all of their complicated researches what would be the current legal situation and my heart was beating like shit until I "fucked" it: it is all bullshit and there is no remedy within in all these papers and papers and papers. I fucking hate the postman. who delivers me nothing than bills??? what to pay and think off next. I do not mind the United States nor the United Kingdom nor the Papacy ... and I do not mind Germany. These are Civilisations like all the other Nations, used for slavery issues. They brought nothing than slavery and terror. So, let them die who are already dead. I do not need old Germany back. I need the tribes back. The following talk with Kate of Gaia reflects this and is kind of relaxing and the way to go. John Trudell might be one of the currently embodied biggest living spirits from a red tribe, who can touch the  hearts of all members of all the beautiful tribes on Earth. Babylon is fallen by Kate of Gaia