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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Before we get a Russean Government Fanclub

Warning folks, of course we do not want to kill Russians, .... we do not want to kill any ordinairy people, nor do we want to be killed, not any of us. Folks, I guess we are alone ...there is no Government in favor of its people. We are facing blue blood against true blood. They are running a Spyder Net which they can shift from here to there and into underderground. Chatze Fratze does not get it all, how can he ...but he follows the Money ...Monarchy ...Moon ...yesterday they made up this big show with the Moon. Did you see anything different than Chemtrails???? Well probably you saw the 2-dimensional peace of moon-paper which they projected under a lens into the heavens and over the Sun.
Look at this ISIS based in SuiSSe. Another one here