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Sunday, March 22, 2015

If you could live where you wanted to

where would you live? Well some people love the heat and would choose to live in the southern hemisphere. Others again love things more fresh and so they would choose to live in the northern hemisphere. Some again love to live on mountains, others love to live at the beaches and so fort and so fort. Others might even love to change the places to live so that they get the natural embassadors who can bring stories to those who prefer to stay in one area permanently. Of course those natural travellors could also bring along some goods from here in exchange against housing there, or something like that. Then again some people love to live within cultures of artists and dancers like the black people cultures. Others again might love to stay within cultures with preferences in other forms of life expression. Folks are so beautiful different that really no one needs to feel boring by such much of people like 7 Billion people on the planet. How many different species also live on the planet? You do not know, do you? So many that each and every human can live among a perfect wilderness. Noop, you say: that cannot go. And you will argue: we are too many. And I will ask you: Who told you so? Somebody you can really trust or "everybody knows this" as to be like that: We are overpopulated. You see that is part of the Matrix in which you are living. You believe in somebody who you do not know nor really trust as long as everybody does so. That is the basic difference between a Believer and a Gnostic. The Gnostic would check it out: is that really true that 7 Billion people are too many on this globe? May be the Gnostic would even question if that amount of 7 Billion is true and not only one of the plenty of lies and beliefs which we get told every day and night. While going all over the Globe to count the people that Gnostic would probably get aware: wow, there is so much of space on Earth that I cannot count all the people on it. But someone who does not question anything might come to the conclusion that we are too much and he is right because s-he is living in a box. That kind of  person feels like a fish: of course not like a fish who is living as a free being in the oceans but like a fish who is living in an aquarium. Such fishes cannot see what it is beyond the curtain; they might even watch Tele-Vision what will spoil their clairvoyance even further more. They will believe: we are too much in this little space. Well, I am too lazy to get through all the indicators and science which will tell you the truth, but these people were doing the Math: 7 Billion people can live in less than Australia, such like Texas. Yes, my dear. And all these people could even live there in a nice house with much of space to play around. So, alone the area of US should be enough for any single human to feel like an Indian: Free. Go and check it out. Really check it out for yourself and see the whole madness. So what then is the problem?  Well there are people who are claiming the ownership on Earth. Illegally, of course illegally. Earth cannot be possessed, she is all her creatures Mother. But there are some who really claim to be her chosen ones and you find them organized as a propper network crisscrossing their Human-Farms, which they call NaZions. This must vanish or mankind is about to vanish. Think about it.