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Friday, April 3, 2015

Mush the space

When I was a child my parents loved to put us into nature and I carried this love on allthough I never was a gardener but more a dschungle visitor: I love the wilderness. Civilized (meaning enslaved) Societies can scare me but not the dschungles. Well real love seems to know what is good. We are now in the times when mankind is demanded to come back to Mama and to overcome the ignorance of youngsters: "we know it better" than the Elders, even better than Big Mama, don`t we? Even TED is a platform of the Elite for the Elite and does not mind to invite even the most insane attackers of Nature such like Bill Gates they themselves are preparing for the solutions they will need for the problems they caused. You had thought they plan to leave the planet? Well they do not. They wonna stay and enjoy the animal farm again, in which they would be the farmer. Of course they know what they are doing and so they are also knowing that they will have to get rid of all the poisons, toxins and radiation which they had been embracing on all living creatures of these days to get rid of many of us. Of course they love to blame us as the most dangereous specie on Earth. They are reasonable people; they need reasons for what they are doing. Plunder is a good reason to them. But also they need reasons who they can give to us on whose Mark of the Beast (German word is Knochenmark) they need to suck on: In earlier days they had embraced the Sinner Story, that crucial story which says that we Menschen (mens) would deserve to suffer ... Well they loved to re-trigger this earlier mindcontrol by religion with Green-Religion: bad human beings that, who are really spoiling the Earth. Greenpeace and all of these kind of NGOs are pretty much insidertools of their deathpenalty over Mankind (German: Menschheit) and all the other living creatures of these days which they see as (human)ressources. Somebody had to spread the ideologies such like overpopulation and the spoiled athmosphere till global warming.The Greens were the Choosen Ones for that mission, the green priesthood so to speak. Before that class of ministers of a maniac priesthood they had the ministers of science on the run: Dr. XXX is advicing you: take the bill .. You might remember how you or your parents had been loving and obeying those preachings. Now many of them and even you are paying for that BILL. They love BILLS and so they always need GATES either to get a bridge into y-our brains and bodies or to get out by their Arche Noah, also described in their scriptures of how to sicken mankind. They even name their priests accordingly. Misses, I forgot her real name but that bitch, who calls herself Newland .. What again had been her mission? Ukraine ... they love that area to spread wars and gain new-land with that lost tribe no 13 (Joker Card), near from there they once entranced into the region of Europe and conquered the northern tribes together with their Roman lover which came from the south: somebody should be the Bride on Mister Romans side. So the Bride were finally called: the Brites, and so they would enjoy their "common wealth", not ours .. but theirs. While you are busy with ETs and outer Space .. they are not. They love the Earth to be theirs and you to be either dead or their slaves. They also like to laugh at us and let their Jesus or Mohammed or Mehdi tell us: "who has eyes to see and ears to hear ..." If they know something than it is to fool Mens(chen). You might still say humans ..I say Mens(ch) because I had read what they wrote in their Bible: they are jealeous and want it all and so is their JEHOVAH_GOD_ALLAH a jealeous one. And what else did they report about their Supreme: At the beginning was the WORD. They mean it: they are using words to fool us Mens(chen)and so we got Humans, ressources. I cannot find yet a dictionairy but HU has no german origin and so it cannot have an english-french-eirish origin either because we were living all together the celtic way of life as free tribes before they had conquered and devided us. That HU sounds utterly mongolid or kazarean and reminds me on Dschingis Khan another Outcast, another lost tribe, who had had no problems at all to kill brothers and sisters. But he had stopped where he had met the kaZars. 13 tribes of them ... spread out, they said? Get the message: they spread out to everywhere. And their first tool had been the Word and the rest of their tools: in-breeding into the tribes with their people who had key positions of wealth and leadership, then they would conquer from within ... somebody would need to open the HU-Sars the doors that they can enter either poison and toxins or and with their soldiers without mercy. Well, it is time that we dumbed but honest folks understand these ways of the 13 Paradizing tribes. Paradize means in reality: parasite. Well next you get an idea how to refresh the ground. Too much poison around.
We will need to learn how to defend ourselves.

Now, take a deep breath: why is it called toxo-plas(ma)-mosis .... As shown above: The Mark of the Beast means the bone marrow ... I came on that idea through the word MARK ... Mark-s had been regions in pre-Germanized regions...even that word Germ sounds like sperms (the G is meanwhile also well known as sign of the Free Masons: people without home; they never pay the rent but let the repented ones pay for their lodges) . The nowadays Germans did not call themselves Germans. They had no hierarchical structure but lived within small tribes as farming people. So the word was given
by the Romans ...Why is it that the folks in these areas got so sleepy after they had been the biggest fighters for the freedom of their tribes against the Romans? Such obeying people? How can that be? Well from time to time they woke up again and gave the Roman Churches and Knights their forkpitches. But soon Luther arrived and things got sleepy again, even somehow anti-sexual Purified and baptized (digged into waters with sperms?) ...Well, who knows which toxic-Mosis Luther had been bringing along to calm them people down again? I am even wondering about that sphinx in Egypt. Did they know about that problem? Such like: do not hunt for tigers nor eat their blood? Ask Africans: they are all afraid of even the smallest cats and do not let them sleep in the houses: they say they can carry demons. Demons are Deathbringers: Insects. Baal is the fly which eats from dead flesh. Folks, wake up: the Bible is a book of Medicin and Pharmacin. And it means were kept secret, told in a way that only initiated ones could understand ... but other people would read an utterly crucial story. They indeed were studying the body and its functions and also how to either "cure" or "curse" it. By the way: Mohammed died through a psychiatric sickness.